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  • Preppy Text V1
    Items you will need:

    Step One) Open up your document. Type out your text. Kern your text if you'd like.

    Step Two) Make your letters a gradient. You can find a tutorial on how to do that here:

    Step Three) Duplicate your text layer two times. Click the little eye next to the top two layers so that way you cannot see them. Select your bottom layer. Move is 3px down and 3px right. After you have moved it, open up the blending options.

    Step Four) Open the blending options on the layer just above the one we were working on. Have your settings match mine. It is VERY important that the angle is 180.

    Step Five) Check the eyes next to the top two layers so we can see them again. On the top most layer, open up your blending options. Make them look like mine. Use whichever grungey pattern you like best. I'm not going to provide one because there are millions online. Choose the one you think looks best.

    Step Six) Right click on each layer and hit Rasterize Type. Then, merge all the layers together. You should now have only one layer of text. That is all! You're finished!