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    Send me a message on facebook with what you would like to order. All payments must be sent first via paypal to: beautywiitholivia@gmail.com. Please allow up to two weeks for your under to be completed. I do them as I get them. Your order will probably only take a couple of days to get done and some orders the same day. Bigger orders take longer.

    Preppy Sign: $0.25
    Simple Sign: $0.50
    Preppy Layout Header: $1.50
    Blend Header: $2.50
    Sitemodel Cutouts: $0.50 each or $7 for 20
    Color Schemes: $1 for 10
    Background Psds: $1 for 5
    Vector Psd: $1
    Vector Masks: $2 for 10
    Fully Coded Preppy Layout: $5
    Fully Coded Blend Layout: $7

    If you want anything else, just send me a message! :)